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50% of the internet users are accessing the web using mobile devices.
Anks Technologies offers development of mobile application and mobile websites for all of the most popular mobile platforms. The ability for a mobile website to perform consistently across multiple mobile devices is important to its success. Our team builds applications that will work with mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, WebOS, and Windows Phone 7. We also offer cutting-edge visual designs to work within the smaller mobile screen size and resolution. Offering your audience a mobile experience that is crucial to maintaining your business advantage over your competitors.

Anks Technologies Mobile Applications

Why Anks ?

  • Multiple Mobile Handset Support
  • Fast Working & Loading
  • 100% Copy Rights On Anks Technologies
  • Search Engine Friendly In Mobile Application Market
  • Affordable prices
  • Live Updates
  • Dedicated Quality Assurance team
  • Thousands of Satisfied Clients
Business Web Apps Design Features List

We are specialists in mission-critical financial application development, e-commerce, CRM software development, e-marketing systems, data management systems, business application programming and reporting systems. As mobile market grows our business application developers pay special attention to leveraging our expertise in providing added value mobile applications.

  • Increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • Affordable apps maintenance costs.
  • Design auto adjustable of display resolutions.
  • User Friendly.
  • Technology : Mobile Jquery, Mobile CSS, HTML5, Java
  • Fully Customizable Apps
  • FREE weekly technical monitoring
  • FREE technical support
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Our All Developments In CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, Rubby, PHP, Mysql, JavaScript.