Terms & Conditions

  1. In case of maintenance Free website, Anks Soft Tech will not be responsible for Data management and other activities.
  2. In case of non renewal of Contract with the client, all the confidential information like passwords will be charged and provided to the client.
  3. In case of termination by Anks Soft Tech the development source code will be provided to the client free of cost.
  4. In case of misuse of website developed by anks soft tech by the client. Anks soft tech reserves all right to block the website and proceed for further Legal actions against the client.
  5. In case of Only Maintenance contract Client Data , web security and hosting related user ID will not be provided to the client.
  6. The client will be responsible for making any changes in the dynamic website Pages, the content is cannot be changed by anks soft tech and they will not be responsible for any irrelevant content on the site.
  7. Data backup of website will be done by anks soft tech within 24 hours of raising the ticket on our company’s website ankstehnology.com
  8. Minor changes in the dynamic website will be done free of cost. ie. - Font Color, Size, Content, Backgrounds, Images etc.
  9. Development charges is payable one time as per the terms and conditions in the contract or the Tender of the client.
  10. Anks Soft Tech will take 35% of the overall cost in Advance before starting the project and remaining 65 % can be paid after successful completion of the project, In case of nonpayment anks Soft Tech reserves the right for cancellation of services and non refund of advance amount and further Legal proceedings.
  11. Development time Totally Depends On The Data Providing By Client And the number of requirements by the client and number of resources billed in the project, All the projects will be completed within the time lines Which is Mentioned In Our Estimate Anks Soft Tech Will Try To Provide The Best To Best Services To Our Customers. In Case Of Any Technical Issues The Time Limit Could Be Exceed.
  12. The website developed by Anks soft Tech will be given companies name and footer if the client wants to remove that from the website then it is chargeable.
  13. All the project related payments will be made to the companies registered account.
  14. The contents related copyrights on the website will be with the client.
  15. Search Engine Optimization will not be the responsibility of Anks Soft Tech.
  16. The content Sent Under Bulk SMS service will be the responsibility of the client. Messages will not be delivered to the numbers registered under DND Category.
  17. In hosting services Anks Soft Tech will not be responsible for security and any illegal or non ethical content of the website.
  18. At contract Renewal the domain and hosting Rate might change.
  19. All kinds of Payments, Promises and Guarantee Mentioned on the site will be the responsibility of the client.
  20. The services canceled in the middle of the contract will not be refunded.
  21. Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance are separately charged to the customer.
  22. In Bulk SMS Service ANks soft tech strictly follows the Guidelines provided by TRAI and the ministry of telecom.
  23. Anks Soft Tech will not provide any Database of contact number and Email IDs.
  24. All the confidential data will be sent to the Registered Mail IDs, Any kind or Pen drives, CDs. Floppy or Hard copy will not be used in handling confidential data.
  25. All the legal proceedings will be Under Vidisha Madhya Pradesh jurisdiction only.
  26. In case of static website all the major and minor changes will be chargeable.
  27. Contract renewable will be the responsibility of the client.
  28. Major Changes In The Dynamic Website Will Be Chargeable As Per Customer Need. (eg. - New Page Creation, New Functionality, New Modules, Module Change, Etc.)
  29. In Case of T.D.S. Deduction Service Tax (10%) Apply.

* These Terms & Conditions May Be Change In Future.

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