After a string of flops, Microsoft adds a Windows 11 feature I’d actually use

Microsoft has been struggling to make inroads in the operating system market since the release of windows 10 in 2015. While it still dominates the market, its latest releases have been consistently underwhelming and received with lukewarm reception.

However, microsoft looks to be shaking things up with the upcoming addition of a new feature on windows 11 — sentiment professional — that could prove to be an invaluable asset for users.

Sentiment professional is a text-analysis tool that allows users to identify sentiment within written content. It works by analyzing texts provided by the user and extracting sentiment from them using natural language processing (nlp). The tool then assigns each piece of text a sentiment score based on its perceived emotional content, ranging from negative, neutral or positive.

With this information at hand, users can rapidly gain insight into how their message is being interpreted by others and make adjustments accordingly.

The impact of this feature could be far-reaching for businesses looking to optimize their messaging strategies or fine tune customer surveys and feedback forms for maximum results. For example, companies can use sentiment professional to determine which areas are more positively or negatively received so they can adjust their communications accordingly.

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