Another new Sonic Lego set features the iconic Death Egg robot

The latest addition to the Lego series of Sonic sets features the blue blur’s memorable scrap with Dr. Eggman’s Death Egg robot. Unlike the Ideas set that inspired this one, which was more of a diorama than a playable set, it’s a full-fledged set ready for action with a host of minifigs and accessories including a spike trap, a spin ball for Sonic, and a bunch of animal critters trapped in capsules.

A fan submission on the Lego Ideas system drew enough attention to earn this Green Hill Zone set the production status of a regular Lego retail set, meaning it’ll be available for sale within a year or two. It joins a Tails Workshop and Tornado biplane, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island (for looking after the animals that pop out of defeated Badniks), and Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge. All five are slated to hit shelves on August 1 at varying price points.

Designed by fan builder Toastergrl, the set captures a key scene from Sonic Mania, which sees Eggman attempt to reclaim his empire by infecting all living things with a Metal Virus that turns organic matter into robots. The resulting chaos wreaks havoc across the planet until Sonic arrives to restore peace, using his new super-speed field to decimate all of the robots and their horde of cronies.

After the events of the second movie, Robotnik once again seeks the Chaos Emeralds in his quest for world domination. He builds the Death Egg, a massive space station in his likeness and home to the original six Chaos Emeralds, and attacks West Side Island, turning its avian inhabitants into robots. He’s intercepted by Sonic and fox friend Miles “Tails” Prower, who save the animals and retrieve the emeralds before the Death Egg goes into orbit. Sonic then raids the Eggman’s headquarters, first fighting a robotic recreation of himself dubbed Mecha Sonic and then attacking the original Eggman himself in his mechanical battlesuit before sending the entire Death Egg out of orbit.

This is the fourth Lego set to take inspiration from Sega’s classic games. The others include a set for the Genesis console itself and two collections of the company’s classic cartridges. Andre and Oatley say they worked with Sega to establish the starting points for these sets. They also wanted to see what kids could do with their own ideas. In testing, they gave children a simple bednik with ramps, breakable walls, rings, and animals to see how inventive they could be with their creations. Some kids were content firing Sonic into walls; others focused on knocking down rings and trying to collect as many of the animals as possible.

Whether you’re a fan of the games or simply a child looking for a cool way to spend some time with friends, these sets are an excellent addition to any collection. You can find more details, including pricing and availability, on the Lego website. This article was originally published June 27, 2017. It has since been updated.

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