Netflix and Apple TV Plus just renewed two of their biggest hit TV shows

If you’re a streaming fanatic, this is the news for you. Two of the biggest hits on both the Netflix and Apple TV Plus roster just got renewed for another round.

Netflix has been a leader in streaming TV for years, but the company is not without competition from other big names. Apple TV Plus has been in existence for about two years now and is trying to make a name for itself with original content. The service has its own lineup of high-end original shows that include See, a fantasy series starring Jason Momoa; Finch, a post-apocalyptic Tom Hanks drama; and Defending Jacob, a legal drama starring Chris Evans.

But there are plenty of other great shows on Apple TV Plus, including:

For kids, there’s the rebooted Jim Henson TV show The Fraggles. The show follows the cave-dwelling creatures on their adventures and is a perfect fit for kids. It’s also a good way to introduce kids to the world of reading and storytelling.

Another comedy series worth checking out is Totally Spies, a reboot of the classic spy show from the ’80s. This time around, it has a new cast but still has the same charm. It’s a fun show to watch with friends or family.

A more serious and thought-provoking show is The Big Door Prize, which combines comedy, drama, and sci-fi for a compelling story about the power of belief. It’s also one of the few dramas that has been nominated for an Emmy award this year.

Those are just a few of the many shows that are worth binge-watching on Apple TV Plus. The service continues to grow with new releases almost weekly. It doesn’t have the huge library of licensed titles that Netflix has but it is making up for it with its impressive lineup of original shows.

Some of the best shows on Apple TV Plus include Severance, a sci-fi thriller with an all-star cast that stars Adam Scott as a man who gets a chip implanted that separates his work memories from everything else; Hello Tomorrow, an adaptation of the popular French science fiction novel about a futuristic world that has been overtaken by a cartel; and The Mosquito Coast, an Amazon original about a wealthy inventor who moves his family to the jungle in Honduras. Also worth a look are Calls, an experimental mystery that has a 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes; and Foundation, an adaptation of the acclaimed sci-fi book series by Isacc Asimov.

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