Roku goes wheel-to-wheel with Apple and Netflix with first live sports offe

Apple’s latest software update for the Apple TV 4K – which is free for existing owners — brings a major improvement to navigation and search. The company has added a click wheel that’s similar to the iPod’s, which you can use to scroll through the interface and navigate supported apps. You can also use the remote to mute the TV, switch to other apps and back out of a streaming service. It’s a nice change from the slow, clunky navigation that’s the default on many competing devices. Apple is also improving the way it integrates services within its own app interface. You can open multiple streams, and when new content becomes available it will show up in the feed for those services rather than waiting for you to launch a specific app.

Roku goes wheel-to-wheel with Apple and Netflix with first live sports offe

Meanwhile, Roku has squared up to the world of like-minded fans by signing a deal to add Formula E racing to its lineup. The electric car championship isn’t quite on the same level as Formula 1 (which streams on Apple TV Plus) but it helps give Roku a boost in today’s sports-obsessed streaming market.

TechRadar’s senior home entertainment editor in the US Al Griffin says the addition gives Roku a big leg up over competitors. “Live sports is becoming a key selling point for streamers, with both Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video now getting NFL games,” he writes.

The new software also adds a feature called “Feed,” which lets you subscribe to shows, movies and channels. Then when a new episode or movie is available, it will automatically appear in your feed. This is a promising feature, but it’s currently limited to just a handful of services. Hopefully, more will follow suit soon.

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