Starfield features Skyrim’s infinite money glitch – for now

Credits are king in Starfield, and you’ll need a ton of them to get the weapons, armour, upgrades, resources and starship components you’ll need to tackle the galaxy. You can earn them the hard way by completing missions, looting vendors or even doing a bit of good old-fashioned thievery. But if you want to skip the tedium, and get the interstellar jackpot straight away, there’s an easy way to do it – a glitch that echoes a familiar trick from Skyrim.

The glitch is a relatively simple one and only requires players to have a few key things. They’ll need a power boost pack and a stash of medical supplies to ensure they can keep themselves alive, as the process will require a series of precise maneuvers and impeccable timing at specific junctures. Once completed properly, the player will be able to access a steady stream of credits that will guarantee they’ll never run out of money during their Starfield adventure.

To access the glitch, players will need to first open up the game’s console. This can be done by pressing Tilde [] on PC, or by clicking the button in the top right of the screen when a player is in the game. Once the console window is open, players can input codes to unlock a number of different cheats. These can include God Mode, Noclip and rewards for levels, money and more.

Once the cheat is activated, players will need to make their way to New Atlantis. They’ll then need to locate the landing pad area, and then use short jumps to climb up the side of the ditch. This will eventually lead to a hidden chest that contains 72,000 credits. The player can repeat the process as many times as they like, though patience is required.

Using the glitch will also allow players to quickly accumulate the credits they need to get ahead in their space career. However, it’s worth remembering that Bethesda has a strict anti-cheat policy in place and will punish those found exploiting the game for such actions. Additionally, it’s always best to have a few backup saves on hand before trying out a console command.

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